Sunday, January 17, 2010

An (Avian) Pox on Your House (Finches)!

We've recently been hosting numerous House Finches with a myriad of diseases. Barf.

We were hit with the House Finch Disease Trifecta two weeks ago: Avian pox (above), conjunctivitis, and salmonella. At this point, approximately six infected birds have been spotted. Not fun. I took the sunflower and nyjer feeders down for a week, and all of the infected birds were back three days later (except for the one with salmonella, which is likely deceased). These appear to be neighborhood birds, and aren't likely to go anywhere any time soon. Double barf.

Unfortunately, House Finches are so inbred that they're susceptible to just about everything. They spread disease like flying petri dishes.

A male House Finch with salmonella.

Taking naps in strange places in the middle of the day. I don't think that this guy lasted very long.

The feeders are back up, and I'm just hoping that disinfecting them every week will be enough to keep these maladies from spreading. We'll see.

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